Urban Dictionary defines Mayawati as ‘Unmarried Pornst*r’ and Ambedkar’s work ‘worst’, attracts criticism

New Delhi: A definition given by the Urban Dictionary over B.R. Ambedkar and Dalit leader Mayawati is attracting criticism over social media. Urban Dictionary is a US-based online company that is known for not only giving definitions but also descriptions.

The website has described the identity of Ambedkar in a very cheap manner. The website reads the Dalit icon as “A man who did a lot of studies but sold his intelligence. A man on whom a man of India spent money, but gave loyalty to the British. A man called great, but his works are the worst”.

Also, the Dalit leader and the former Chief Minister of the Uttar Pradesh Mayawati Urban Dictionary shows obscene phrases. Urban Dictionary claims Mayawati as an unmarried porn star.

The top definition given by the website reads as “An unmarried pornstar. A woman who can do everything for power. Kanshi Ram’s secret wife and ex-girlfriend of Mulayam Singh”.

As the post on the definition of BR Ambedkar and Mayawati has gone viral, users demand strict actions against the company.

Neo Politico has mailed the Urban Dictionary and tried to take their reply on the viral definitions. However, until now we didn’t receive any formal reply.

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