Satish Sharma

Teacher sent to jail under SC-ST act for asking questions on financial irregularities

Fatehabad(Haryana, India): A government school teacher has been booked under the case of the SC-ST Act and sent to jail for asking a question to his Principal. The incident surfaced on social media which shows a complete misuse of the act. 

The case was filed by Principal Neer Kumar on Satish Sharma for asking a question on financial irregularities. Police filed a case under the sections of the SC-ST Act and sent Sharma to jail.

Sharma teaches Social Science at the Talwada Middle School in the Fatehabad district of the state. On the day of the incident, it was alleged by Neer Kumar that the accused had made him hostage and beaten for his caste. The FIR further reads that Neer had asked him to fill the admission forms on which Sharma retaliated. 

However, most of the teachers came in support of Sharma and said the incident resulted from asking a question on financial irregularities. 

“I was present at that time for departmental work. Satish Sharma had asked a question on financial irregularities of the school on which Neer Kumar retaliated with verbal abuse. Sharma never responded with caste slurs nor any form of physical force”, Hindi teacher Jitendra Verma said in his statement to police. 

Statement made by Jitendra Verma

Jitendra annulled the possibilities of using any caste slurs and physical force which was alleged by Principal Neer Kumar in his complaint. 

Tanuj, who works as a clerk, has also debunked the allegations made by the Head Master. Tanuj in his statement claims that Neer Kumar has always misbehaved with the faculty and booked Sharma for seeking revenge. 

Neer has a history of doing the harassment, female teachers say

In a letter to district authorities, the school’s female faculty has alleged that Neer Kumar has a history of misbehaving with the female faculty members. The female teachers have also demand to suspend Neer. 

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