Tamil Nadu: Class XII Student killed by Dalit student on objecting ‘caste wrist bands’

TIRUNELVELI: A class 12 student has succumbed to a head injury who was allegedly attacked over a matter of caste band by a group of junior students belonging to the Dalit group.

According to police, the 17-year-old Class XII student of a government school near here allegedly asked a Class XI student why he was sporting a wrist band which is denoting his caste. On which the three students had attacked the deceased with a piece of hard brick.

One of the friends of the deceased has described the whole matter to the Neo Politico. The scuffle was sparked when the victim, M Selva Surya, 17, objected to the caste band worn by the Dalit student.

“Surya who belonged to the Most Backward Caste had objected to the Green Red kayru, a wrist band of interwoven threads, worn by a class 11 student. In the fight, the 17-year-old boy was assaulted with a brick and he suffered injuries over his left ear and part of his head. One of the main accused belongs to a Dalit group while two others come from a Minority religion.”

A Student told Neo Politico

The three teens, all Class 11 students, were arrested in connection with the murder and sent to the juvenile observation home.

Why do students wear caste bands?

In this belt of South Tamil Nadu, the region is known for violent caste conflicts between OBCs and Dalits. These caste bands are markers that tell students who is a friend or who isn’t.

It’s red and yellow for Thevars, blue and yellow for Nadars, and Saffron for Yadavs.

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