Shocking: Poor Brahmin man falsely confessed to murder of his elder brother to get meals and a place in Jail

Kolkata: In a shocking incident, a brother has made a false confession of murdering his elder brother to get a shelter and meal in jail. The incident occurred in the Niranjan Palli area of Bansdroni in South Kolkata.

According to the locals, two brothers Debashis and Shubhashis Chakraborty were living in the Niranjan Palli area. The financial condition of the brother was poor. Due to poor health conditions, Debashish Chakroborty, 48 years, died of a cerebral stroke.

Fearing his unemployed brother that he would die of starvation after his death, Debashish told his brother Shubhashis to tell the police a story of his murder. Before his death, Debashish ensured Shubhashis that telling the story of his murder can give him shelter and food for life.

However, during the investigation, it was learned that the elder brother of that person was not killed at all but instead died of a cerebral stroke. The autopsy report also confirmed that the younger brother is cooking up the story of the murder.

Brothers were living in poor conditions

The mother of Debashis and Shubhashis was an employee of the Ceramics Institute in Jadavpur. Their father had already died. After retirement, the mother received a pension of Rs 35,000. Debashis, the eldest son of the family, used to work in the same company. But while working, his eyes got damaged. As a result, even though he could not work, he received a pension of Rs 15,000 per month. 

They could not cook well themselves. He used to spend his days eating dry food. A few days ago, Debashis told his brother that he might not live long.

After his death, the Rs 15,000 pension will also be stopped. Shubhashis will not have money to stay and eat. But after the death of the elder brother, he went to the police station and said that he had killed his elder brother thinking if he is arrested on murder charges, he will not be deprived of food and shelter if he goes to jail. If he is sentenced to life imprisonment, he will be able to eat and stay at the government’s expense for the rest of his life.

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