Only Thakur family in Dalit majority village faces 6 SC-ST acts, demands euthanasia

Badaun: The only upper-caste family living in a Dalit majority village of Badaun has demanded euthanasia from the government. The victims belong to the Thakur community and won the last Panchayat election from the Barwara village which comes under the Ughaiti Police station limits. The Barawara Village is a Dalit majority village where the family of Santosh Kumar Singh is the only family which belongs to the General category. As per details, Santosh Kumar Singh, who contested the last Panchayat elections, had secured 325 votes out of 623 votes.

Due to political rivalry, his family is now booked in 6 different cases of the SC-ST act.

Rekha Singh, the wife of Rakesh Singh, spoke to the Neo Politico. She said that her family has 5 members and all of them are facing criminal cases. In the last few years, they have spent more than 20 lakhs in the settlements of the cases. On May 25 a fresh case of the SC-ST act has again been registered on the Thakur family.

Copy of the FIR registered against Rakesh Singh on May 25

“I have bought Sulphas( a poison) and our family will consume it if no one helped us. We have no options other than to flee or end our lives”; Rekha told NP.

“Court has issued a warrant against my son”

Rekha said in a one-year-old case, the court has issued a warrant against my son who is studying outside of the village. Also, in 2018, he was booked in a false case of POCSO and SC-ST act where the dalit side has taken 9 lakh rupees to settle the case. All together, Rekha’s family has spent more than 20 lakh rupees in settling false cases of the SC-ST acts.

“Stopped my kids to play outside”

Due to these fake cases, Rekha has stopped her kids from playing outside of the house. She fears that a trivial matter can attract a new case and it can spoil their future.

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