Ground Report: No Dalit ostracised in Jind, media spread fake news

Jind(Haryana, India): Twenty-three people, including two former sarpanches, have been booked for allegedly socially boycotting Scheduled Caste members of Chhatar village in Jind district of Haryana. 

The alleged victim Gurpreet, in his complaint, has said that the panchayat has formally boycotted the Dalit community of the village and prohibited everyone from selling anything to them. 

He also alleged that they are not being allowed to go to their own farms due to the boycott. Any person who is seen giving any ration supplies to the Dalits, they said, is being fined Rs.11,000.

In order to verify the claims, our team reached the village on Saturday. Our reporters spoke to every section of society. It has been reported by the villagers that the guy Gurpreet who filed this complaint is used to file such complaints in past. He allegedly filed around 4 cases of the SC-ST acts in the last few months. 

During our investigation, we went to the Dalit Basti of the village. Here we met Jagdish Valmiki who resides in the village for the last 50 years. Jagdish told us that no one has ostracised the Dalit community. Moreover, the man who filed this complaint is notoriously known for creating tensions in the village. 

“Gurpreet does(imposing SC-ST Act) this on regular basis. He is imposing the act for earning money and has started this as his side-business”, Jagdish told Neo Politico. 

Another Dalit man Satbir who hails from the Jatav community has confirmed that the Panchayat never ostracised them. Satbir said that Gurpreet has his own personal problems.  

“He disrespects his elders from the Dalit community. Satbir is a member of the Bhim Army who wants to create tensions and divide in our village”, Satbir said. 

A 16-Year-old minor booked 

In Chattar village, a minor boy Sahil has also been booked for boycotting the Dalits. Sahil’s father confirms that his son who even doesn’t know about the case has been booked by Gurpreet. Sahil’s father Kuldeep Mor told us that his son and Sahil’s grandfather Prem Singh along with him have been named in the FIR. 

“My minor son is now facing criminal charges. Gurpreet spoiled his career for his caste politics. This is the second time our family is facing the SC-ST act filed by Gurpreet”; Kuldeep told NP. 

Kuldeep Mor

The report says Ration was distributed to Dalits

Contrary to the allegation, the local ration shop’s register says that all Dalits have received their chunks. All shopkeepers have said that no Dalits were ostracised in the village. 

Ration was distributed to Dalits on 15 October

Gurpreet is a “habitual victim” of Dalit atrocity

Local police station sources say that Gurpreet is known for imposing atrocity acts. The allegations were confirmed by the villagers. Also, we talked to the families who were falsely framed under the SC-ST act by Gurpreet. The count of the families was around four. 

Gurpreet charged retired Army person

Retired Army man and wrestling coach of the village Karmpal has also been framed under the atrocity act by Gurpreet. Karmpal was present at the alleged incident site. Karmpal told us that his Dalit students had also participated in the competition. If the Villagers were practicing casteism then why did they allow Dalits to participate in the game? 

Coach Karmpal

“He wrote my name in the FIR. I give free coaching to Dalit wrestlers but this man is accusing me of casteism. Go and verify with the villagers about the incident and about my work”, Karmpal said. 

“No one ostracised them, media is spreading fake news”

Ex-Sarpanch Ishwar Singh explained the incident and urged everyone not to fall into propaganda. Ishwar Singh said that the Chattar village is a very peaceful place which Bhim Army doesn’t want to see. 

Ishwar Singh

“They want us to fight amongst ourselves. Anyhow they will not succeed”; Singh told NP. 

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