Delhi High Court Judge praises Manusmriti, Shared the values of joint family

New Delhi: A Delhi High Court judge has praised the Manusmriti, also known as the ancient Indian constitution, for giving a respectable place to women. Justice Prathiba M Singh while quoting Manusmriti said that Indian women are blessed as they have been given a respectable position in Indian society. She was speaking at the inaugural session of a conference organised by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) on the subject of the Challenges faced by Women in Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Mathematics (STEM).

Justice Singh highlighted that the Manusmriti itself states that if one does not respect and honour women, prayer had no meaning.

I really think we are a blessed lot of women in India and the reason for that is our scriptures have always given a very respectable position for women and as Manusmriti itself says that if you don’t respect and honour women, all the pooja path that you may do has no meaning. So I think our ancestors and Vedic scriptures knew very well how to respect women

Justice Pratibha M Singh

India is progressive

Talking about the roles of women in leadership, she praises the Indian culture to give women ample amount of opportunities.

 I really think we are lucky to be in a country like India where India is actually much, much more progressive about women being in leadership roles. I am not saying we need to ignore the violence and the bad things that happen to women at a lower level, but yes at the higher level, in the middle level, we are seeing women growing

Live in Join Family

As per a report by Bar and Bench, Justice Singh advised working women to strengthen the Indian family system’s core values and to live in joint families. She said that the joint family system should continue since its benefits are far greater than those of nuclear families. She emphasised that the men in joint families promote women since they are older and wiser.

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