Dalits boycott Brahmin Pujaris to show support for an Ex-BJP leader who abused Brahmins and Women

Bhopal: Tension prevailed at Ganeshkheda village in Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh when the news of the social boycott of Brahmin Pujaris gained traction on social media. A letter signed by Sarpanch Ram Prakash Lodhi is doing rounds on various social media platforms where the details of the social boycott have been written.

On the condition of anonymity, one of the villagers who was presented in the meeting has shared the details. He claimed that the meeting which took place on August 23 at Mata’s Temple had people from SC and OBC communities. The meeting was called by the sarpanch to support sacked BJP leader Pritam Lodhi. Pritam Lodhi was expelled from the party for making Anti-Brahmin and Anti-Women comments.

2100 Rs will be fined for those who call Brahmin Pujaris

In the meeting, the Sarpanch had decided that all the villagers would boycott Brahmin Pujaris from inviting them to Pooja, Marriages and religious ceremonies. Also, a fine of 2100 will be imposed on those who disobey the decree. Meanwhile, it was also decided that the whole community would boycott the person who does relations with the Brahmins.

Dalit leaders supported the boycott

Many Dalit leaders including Dilip Mandal, who writes from The Print, have praised the boycott call of the few villagers.

On Twitter, many supporters of Ambedkar are openly abusing the Brahmins and applauded the call. 7 Days have passed still no action has been taken against the Sarpanch who boycotted Brahmin Pujaris.

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