Dalit groom wasn’t stopped from Entering temple, NDTV shares fake news

Indore(MP, India): A news with distorted facts and caste hatred is doing rounds on social media. The news which was covered by NTDV has been published in such a manner that it promotes caste hatred between the two communities. 

With a history of promoting fake news, NDTV reporter Anurag Dwary has again published the news (on NDTV) of a Dalit groom who was allegedly stopped from entering the Temple. 

Dwary being a senior journalist didn’t even bother to cross-check the facts and claims made by the groom. However, as we had turned down his bunch of news, Dwary didn’t forget to mention the views of local villagers who claimed the incident “a perfect fake story”. 

To fact-check the claims made by the groom, we met with the temple priest and the people who were involved in the incident. It was brought to our notice that the groom was allowed to enter the temple with his family members to offer Puja. Although some people, who had drunk alcohol, were stopped as Ram Katha was going on the premises. 

“The news of stopping the groom from entering the temple is framed for political purposes. The groom was allowed to enter the temple and he had offered 500 Rs as Dakshina”, the temple’s pujari told Neo Politico. 

The people who made allegations of caste discrimination were accompanied by the notorious Dalit leader Manoj Parmar. Manoj is a history-sheeter and was accused of rape. 

It was said by the villagers that Parmar had created a furor for his own politics. He framed the innocents in the SC-ST act and his supporters had abused the people of the Upper Caste community. 

People could be seen abusing the Upper Caste community 

Although there is not a single proof that the upper caste people had abused the Dalits but a video has surfaced on social media where the supporters of Parmar can be seen abusing the whole Upper Caste community.

In the viral video, the people of the Dalit community can be heard abusing and using casteist slurs against the community. The video was filmed inside a police station where police officers were also present. 

Rajput organizations warn police 

Rajput organizations of the state have warned to drop the provisions of the SC-ST act and to release the alleged accused. Karni Sena has already planned to kick out a city-wide protest for the framed people. 

Police arrested three people

Based on the complaint, four people have been arrested and sent to jail. However, sources claim that police can soon drop the sections of the SC-ST act. 

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