After spending 730 days in Jail, Court acquits two Brahmin men accused of murdering a Dalit youth

Lucknow: A SC-ST court in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh has acquitted two accused charged for murdering a Dalit youth. The case was registered by a Dalit man in the year 2019 and blamed two brahmin men Surajmani Pandey and Lalmani Tiwari for the incident. Based on the application, Etiyathok Police station had registered the case against the accused and sent them to jail.

During the case trial, Justice Meeta Singh has found that the alleged place of the incident was not correct. It was said by the applicant that his brother was killed when he went to attend a Mundan ritual at his Uncle’s place. However, during trials, his Uncle had confessed that no ritual of Mundan was there and at that time he was in Ludhiana. The huge contradictions in the statements of the witnesses have created doubt over the claims of the applicant.

“The Deceased was died due to an accident”

It was alleged by the accused that an old rivalry was going on between two families. The deceased man was died due to an accident and they were booked under the murder charges of a Dalit man.

Court acquits after two years

After spending two years in Jail, the SC-ST court has acquitted the accused of all charges. The court instructed to free the accused who were accused in a false murder case. 

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