After giving 5 years of age relaxation, Rajasthan Govt allocates massive 100 crores for Sawarn upliftment

Jaipur: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Wednesday presented his fourth Budget for the year 2022-23, with the main focus on appeasing the general category population. After forming the first EWS board, the Gehlot govt allocates massive 1 Billion rupees for the upliftment of these families.

Weeks ago Gehlot had announced the upliftment board for the general category people and now he approved 100 crores for the EWS board. Gehlot has also announced 500 crores for the SC-ST development fund. 

Approved age relaxation for EWS students

Like other category candidates, EWS category students can also enjoy the benefits of age relaxation. Now, the male candidates of the EWS category can be benefitted from the five years of relaxation in the maximum age limit and 10 years for women candidates.

Why huge appeasements for UCs?

In the last assembly election, the UC population had shown their dissent with the BJP and opted for NOTA in large numbers. Due to this, Congress was able to make a stable government. However, things have changed in the past 4 years so the Congress leadership wants to appease the UCs which constitute 30% population of the state. 

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