“90% Brahmin, Rajput, and Bhumihar’s women will give birth to their kids in Dalit’s home”, agenda shares in Bhim Army’s official program

Patna(Bihar, India): A video of an alleged Dalit activist has gone viral on social media where he could be seen using derogatory words against the General caste community.

The video which surfaced on social media was originally uploaded on a youtube channel owned by an alleged Dalit journalist Ved Prakash. However, he deleted the video after it went viral.

The Dalit activist named Dr. Sanjay Valimiki, on 21 May 2018(Bhim Army Bihar’s first foundation day), has shared his obscene views on the women of the upper caste community.

As per the video, he can be heard saying that in the coming days 90 percent of the Brahmin, Rajput, and Bhumihar’s women will give birth to the babies of Dalits.

“Don’t feel demoralized. They should feel frightened as their daughters are running with us. 90 percent of the daughters and daughters-in-law of the Brahmin, Rajput, and Bhumihar community will give birth to their kids in Dalit’s house”, Dr. Sanjay Valmiki said in the video.

Viral Video of Dr. Sanjay Valmiki

“80 countries are now following Buddhism so don’t write atrocities’ news based on Dalit’s caste but Buddhism. Like Upper caste people burnt the home of a Buddhist instead of Dalits. This is how many countries will support us”, he added.

The alleged video was from the day of Bhim Army Bihar’s first foundation day which was organized in Patna on 21st May 2018. It was also alarming as the people who joined this event were applauding the derogatory views of Dr. Sanjay Valmiki.

Photos from the day of event

Hate against the Upper caste by Dalit leaders is not new
It was not the first time that we are seeing a video where the Dalits leaders are targeting the women of the upper caste. The alleged Dalit journalist Ved Prakash had also made a video where he was inciting the Dalits to believe that the upper caste community people are not indigenous citizens. The video was made with the help of false and framed narratives to force Dalits to make the upper caste community flee the country.

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