5000 years old practice shattered: Widow woman is all set to become priest of Radha Rani temple

Mathura: Shattering down the 5000 years old religious practice of Shrimati Radha Rani Temple, a widow woman is all set to become the new priest of the temple. As per the rules of the temple, only men priests belonging to the Goswami community have the duty to serve the Radha Rani. They are keeping the practices alive for the last 5000 years.

The Matter

As per the rules, Harbans Lal Goswami was to work as a sevadar from 27 April to 20 October this year, although Harbans Lal had died in 1999. Because of this, his brother’s grandson Ras Behari was to be appointed as a sevadar during this period. There was no dispute in the family regarding the appointment of Rasbahari. Rash Behari also assumed his charge on time. Meanwhile, a woman named Maya Devi claimed to be the servitor of the temple, claiming herself to be the widow of Harbans Lal Goswami. By an order of the lower court, the administration had also occupied that post, considering Maya Devi as a servitor. However, later the order of the Civil Judge Junior Division of Umbrella Circle was cancelled from the District Court to the High Court.

High Court refused to give immediate relief

On the basis of these orders, Rash Behari had filed an application before the Civil Judge Junior Division of Umbrella Circle, demanding an order to be occupied as a sevadar on Radha Ashtami. The civil judge of Umbrella, refusing to pass any order immediately, fixed September 8 for the hearing. The hearing was held on 2 September in the court of the civil judge. Now on the occasion of Radha Ashtami to be held on September 4, Rash Behari filed an application in the Allahabad High Court on Saturday demanding that he be approved as a sevadar. Describing the matter as urgent, an appeal was also made to the court to hear on the day of the holiday. A single bench of Justice Vivek Chaudhary heard the matter on Saturday as well. Although the court did not give any immediate relief to Rash Behari, despite the hearing, the court refused to issue any interim order.

Temple’s version

As per the information shared by the temple authority, Maya Devi was not a wife of Harbans Lal Goswami. She was not even considered as a wife of Harbans Goswami in the court orders. Also, she does not belong to the Goswami community. However, the court finds that Maya Devi’s intentions were not wrong. The court refused to give interim relief to the grandson of Harbans Goswami.

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