“More than 400 Brahmins have been killed in UP, Brahmins should proud of their identity and Janeu”, BSP says

Ayodhya(UP, India): In the first Brahmin convention of BSP, the party has fiercely surrounded the ruling party BJP on the matter of Brahmin killings in the state. BSP General Secretary Satish Mishra in his speech did not leave any opportunity to encourage the Brahmin community to leave BJP and join BSP.

 In his statement, starting with the name of Parashuram, Satish Mishra raised the matter of discrimination being done with Khushi Dubey. At the same time, he claimed that more than 400 Brahmins have lost their lives during this period of the BJP government.

BSP is desperately looking for the Brahmin votes in the State. Mishra said that if Brahmins and Dalit will come together then it can be easier to make the government of the BSP. 

People mock me for wearing Janeu

The general secretary of BSP said in Ayodhya that people make fun of his identity for wearing janeu. He further reiterated that the BJP government has only persecuted the community where Khushi Dubey is the prime example. 

Mishra also used Lord Prashuram’s name to shift the goal post to his favor. 

“We are the descendants of Parashuram, we are not afraid of anyone and know how to take our rights”, Mishra said. 

“400 Brahmins killed in BJP govt

BSP further stated that more than 400 Brahmins have been killed in the last 4 years of the BJP govt. 

BJP protests the bail plea of Khushi Dubey

Satish Mishra raised the matter of Khushi Dubey and blamed the current government for not giving bail to Khushi Dubey. He claimed that BSP will now fight the case of Khushi Dubey to help her get out of jail. 

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