Saharanpur: Court found 92% of cases filed under SC-ST Act are fake, gave conviction in just one

Saharanpur: Today we have come out with another report on the ongoing controversy over the efficacy of the SC/ST Act across the country. In the first phase, the report of all the districts of Uttar Pradesh will be published in a phased manner. In the previous report, we had done an analysis of the judgment of the court on the SC-ST Act cases during the year 2021 in the Jaunpur district. Where according to the decisions given by the court, in almost 90 per cent of the cases, the accused have been acquitted. At the same time, in only 10 per cent of the cases, the allegations made against the accused were proved to be true.

Today we are publishing our report on the efficacy of the SC-ST act reported in the Saharanpur district. Our research team has added the decisions made by the SC-ST Act Court from 1 January 2021 to 30 April. Therefore the report is based on final orders. A total of 12 cases related to the SC/ST Act have been dealt with by the Saharanpur SC-ST Court during this period. Which also includes 7-year-old cases.

After 7 years, the accused was acquitted, the case filed against the victim for giving false evidence

SC/ST Court Special Judge Vijay Kumar Dungrakoti, in his judgment which pronounced on 31 March, acquitted Sumit Tyagi, who was facing serious charges for 7 years. Along with this, he has also directed to file a case against the applicant under IPC 344 for giving false facts. As per details, a case was registered on Sumit by the applicant under IPC 363, 366A, 376, 342, 506 and SC-ST Act.

After two years, accused released from jail in the case of false rape and SC/ST Act

During the trial of case number 441/19, the court ordered the release of the accused Shaukeen from jail immediately. While acquitting the accused from various sections of IPC 323, 376 and SC-ST Act, the court has ordered to file a case against the alleged victim as per 344 IPC on the charge of giving false facts. Along with this, all the government subsidy given to the victim will also be confiscated.

SC ST Act case revoked

In view of the final report filed by the local police station, the court quashed a case against Ankur Sharma, who was facing trial in accusations of assault. The court, while acquitting Ankur Sharma of all the charges, expressed satisfaction with the final report file by the police.

Similarly, Sagar Chaudhary’s Case No. 432/20, Nitesh’s Case No. 228/20, Intezar and Mohsin, Ashok Rana’s Case No. 77/21 were quashed by the court for being found to be false.

More than 92 percent of the cases turned out to be false, only 1 case found correct

In a total of 12 such cases, in 11 cases, giving the final verdict, the court has acquitted the accused and ordered to file a case against the applicant for giving false evidence. Justifying a case, the Special Judge sentenced the accused. These were cases whose trial was completed in court. According to the data, more than 92 per cent of the cases were found wrong by the court and the accused was sentenced in just one case.

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