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Manish Gupta death case becomes first in Yogi Govt, SP and BSP were worst

Kanpur: Kanpur-based businessman Manish Gupta, who died during a police raid at a hotel in Gorakhpur, has raised questions over the brutality of the state police. The opposition parties are creating a furor over the incident and asking serious questions over the claims of “Good Law and Order” remarks. 

Here our team has prepared a report on the brutality done by the state police in the past 15 years. The data has been fetched from the NCRB’s record. The data says that the past two governments were worse as compared to the ruling party on police brutality matters. 

In this data, we took the cases where the remand was not offered to the police, and due to its ruthlessness citizens died.

Akhilesh’s govt was poorest

The data from the year 2012 to 2016 suggests that the SP government was a nightmare to the people of the state. On average every year 10 people had been killed by the police of the state. The year 2013 reported the highest number of murders done by the cops. 

Mayawati is not far from SP 

BSP chief and Ex-CM of the state Shri Mayawati Ji’s government had also reported the most number of death caused by police brutality. BSP era had seen an average of 8 deaths. Also, the most number of deaths were reported in 2007 where 11 innocents had lost their lives. 

Source: NCRB

The first death in Yogi government

NCRB data reports zero death in the past 4 years of the ruling government. It is very likely, as per NCRB data, it would become the first murder case where the person lost his life when he was not taken into police custody. 

From 2017 to 2020, the data reports zero death due to police brutality. 

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