Lalitpur: SC-ST act court acquitted innocents in 98% cases, OBCs were highly targeted

Lalitpur: The Third continuous report, after Saharanpur and Jaunpur districts, on the efficacy of the SC-ST act has been released by the data analysis team of the Neo Politico. In this report, we have analyzed the verdict given by the SC-ST court of the Lalitpur district from 1 January to 30 April 2021.

A total of 46 cases were settled by the SC/ST Act Court in the first four months of the year 2021. Surprisingly the covictions was nearly equalt to 2 percent and the court acquitted the innocents in about 98 per cent of the cases. Sentencing was found to have been proved guilty in just one case.

False case filed by alleging discrimination, court slapped case for giving false facts

In a case lodged in Narahat, Thana in the district, Larkunwar Ahirwar, while giving a statement, alleged in 2014 that Nikul Yadav, Guddi Yadav and Menwar Yadav of the village had brutally beaten him for taking water from a well. The fellow used casteist slurs and burst her pot. In this hearing that lasted for nearly 7 years, the court found that a false case was filed against the accused due to mutual enmity. While absolving the accused, the court directed to register a case against Larkunwar Ahirwar for giving false facts.

“Asked to vote on cycle”, had filed a lawsuit in casteist words and assault

The court has directed to file a case in IPC 344 for filing a false case against the applicant. In its order court acquitted Gyan Singh Yadav, Suresh Yadav, Amar Yadav, Papali Yadav in Case No. 441/2012. It is known that the applicant had filed a lawsuit under the SC/ST Act, accusing the four innocent people of muttering and assaulting them for not giving a vote on a bicycle in local elections. After 8 years, the court acquitted all the accused from the charges.

Justice delivered after 7 years, was in jail under  false SC/ST Act

SC/ST Court acquitted Kehar Yadav from various sections of IPC 452, 354A, 323, 504, 506, SC/ST Act. In the hearing of case number 354/2014, the court found that the accused had been sued by the applicant in mutual rivalry.

After 8 years, 5 accused were acquitted, the court rebuked for filing a false case

During the hearing of case no. 311/2013, the court has directed, while acquittingTrilok Yadav, Shobha Ram Yadav, Vrindavan Yadav, Desh Raj Yadav and Jai Hind Yadav, to file a case against the accused Raja Ram for freeing false evidence. In this case of village Servansh, the fellow was accused of assault and uttering racist words.

Accused released after 10 years

On February 21, 2011, Vijay Yadav was booked under IPC 354, 504, 506 and SC/ST Act by Pappu Dhobi of a village under police station Poorkalan. In the decision given by Special Judge Jagdish Kumar, the accused was acquitted of all charges.

Acquitted after 7 years, accusation of tearing clothes and saying caste-free words was made

A case was filed by the applicant Kavita Verma accusing Kaushal Rajak and Shiva Pratap of molesting, abusing and tearing clothes. The court found during the hearing that there was no truth to the additional allegations of suspicion. In view of all the evidence and witnesses, the court acquitted both the accused.

Accused acquitted in 98 percent cases, 85 percent cases registered on OBC category

A total of 46 such cases were disposed of by the court. In the total case, charges could be proved in just 1 case. Also, In the total case of the SC/ST Act, more than 85 per cent of the cases were registered on people coming from backward classes. At the same time, in 98 per cent of the cases, the accused was acquitted and released.

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