Hathras: 100% cases of SC-ST Act found false in August

Hathras(UP, India): The atrocity act which was initially enacted to serve justice to the weaker section of the society is now turned into a major legal disaster. Misuse of the SC-ST Act was one of the major concerns that the Supreme Court realized and corrected to make it more reliable. However, in 2018, the Parliament had overturned the ruling of the SC to make it more stringent. 

In the series of month-wise reports of the districts of Uttar Pradesh, our team has scanned the rulings of SC-ST Act court, Hathras for the August month. The report includes the final judgments or orders given by the special court. 

The court found all cases were false and framed

A total of four cases were brought to the notice of the special court. Out of which three cases were those where the local police have filed the final or closure report. Only 1 was proposed for the court trial which stands out to be false in the final judgment. 

Details about the cases:

In the first case, 5 persons have been accused by the victim Ashok Kumar. The Hasayan police had registered the case under the 323, 504, 506, 427, and 3(1)(10) SC-ST Act. However, in court trial, the special court has found that the allegations are baseless and filed in a mutual rivalry case. Special Judge Trilok Pal Singh has acquitted all the accused of all the charges and ordered the police to file a case against the victim under IPC 344. 

Three FRs filed by police:

In three different cases, local police have filed final reports or closure reports where they find no such incident of atrocity has happened. It was later heard and accepted by the court. 

Details of the FRs:

In Dharmpal Singh vs Ashok Kumar and others case, the court has accepted the closure report filed by the Sasani police. Ashok Kumar was booked under 323, 504, 506, 354, and 3(2)(5A) SC-ST Act. However, during the investigation, local police have not found any such incident. On the basis of investigation, the Court has accepted the closure report. 

In another case which was filed by Shudha Devi, the police have filed the FR( 05/12/2019) and declared the case as false and baseless. The special court has accepted the FR on 5 August. 

In Veervati vs Sahil Khan case, the FR(69/12/2020) has been accepted by the special court.

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