Gwalior: Brahmin community to accept Islam, accused Dalits of harassment

Gwalior(Madhya Pradesh, India): Over 25 members of the Brahmin community in the Pooja Bihar colony here have threatened to convert to Islam if the terror of the Dalits in their area will remain to continue. 

The family is alleging that the Dalits of their area are creating a rift in the society and are trying to humiliate the Brahmin community. They are pressurizing them to flee the area and threatening them with the case of the SC-ST Act. 

The community members met and wrote letters to the District Magistrate of the Gwalior region to press for their demand. 

“We are terrorized day and night by the people of Dalit society. The domineering people of Dalit society often extort money from Brahmins. No Hindu organization is coming forward to help us”, Ajay Sharma told Neo Politico.

Copy of the letter

“They are also threatening us to book under the false case of the SC-ST Act. We are now helpless. We will accept Islam if the justice denied”, he added. 

In a recent incident, a young student from the Brahmin community was looted at gunpoint and forced to accept the hegemony of Dalits in the area. 

The community members claim that they had written many letters to the CM and the PM but nothing happened. Now, for justice, they are being forced to accept Islam.  

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