DMK Minister who appointed non-Brahmin priests gives life threats to daughter for marrying Dalit

Bengaluru: Jayakalyani, daughter of the state Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Minister PK Sekar Babu, has sought protection from Bengaluru Police after marrying a Dalit man. The newly married bride approached Bengaluru Police Commissioner Kamal Pant seeking protection, after getting life threats, from her father.

The news goes viral after Jayakalyani approached the Bengaluru Police. Speaking to the local media, Jayakalyani said that she was in a relationship with Satish Kumar for six years and had married him now with consent. 

Police arrested the groom when she tried to marry him

DMK minister’s daughter also said that two months ago when she tried to marry him, police had arrested him and sent him to jail. Fearing life threats from her father, she approached the Bengaluru Police. 

“My parents have objected to my love towards Satish Kumar. When I attempted to get married to him a couple of months ago, the police arrested him and took him into custody for two months,” she added. 

Minister PK Babu appointed non-Brahmins priests

Under his ministerial leadership, non-Brahmin priests were appointed to temples managed by HRCE by Chief minister M. K Stalin. Sekarbabu said it was Periyar’s dream that persons of all castes should become priests at temples, and it was former Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi who had made it a reality.

Activists managed the marriage rituals as per Hindu traditions

After Jayakalyani sought help from social media, Activist Bharath Shetty helped the couple to get married.

Activist Bharath Shetty told IANS the couple approached them on social media seeking help to get married. “We organized a marriage ceremony as per Hindu tradition. They have been given life threats from the girl’s family and hence they are requesting security from the Bengaluru police, he added.

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