Dalits demolish Hindu temple for Ambedkarite temple, attempted rape & slapped SC-ST act on opposing

Latur, Maharashtra(India): In a very tragic incident of forced temple demolition, a Maratha girl was molested, beaten up and booked under the SC-ST act for opposing the vandalism. The girl was not only brutally beaten up but also her genitals have been damaged by the goons. A mob of some 15-20 people had attacked and pelted stones on her genitals and other sensitive body parts.

The gruesome incident tool place in the KinGaav Kopra village of the Latur district of the Maharashtra.

According to the family of the victim, some Dalits want to demolish their Hindu Temple and build their own Ambedkarite temple. To help these goons, Sarpanch, Up Sarpanch and Gram Sevak who themself hails from the Dalit community is coming forward. On the day of the incident, i.e. March 12, the accused came to demolish the temple. When the girl named Sulochna Kadam protested the act of demolition, the goons along with the Sarpanch and Up Sarpanch had begun beating her and stoned her genitals. They also attempted a rape however the girl managed to escape.

The Temple which have been demolished by the Dalits

“Just like Islamic forces, By demolishing Hindu temples, Dalits want to make their own temples”

Some villagers claim that the Pro-Ambedkarite Dalits want to make their own temples. That’s why they have started demolishing Hindu temples and started making their own Ambedkarite temples. On the day of the incident, the Dalits had come to demolish the sacred Mata Bhavani temple. The JCBs have obliterated the temple with the Jay Bhim slogans.

“Genitals mutilated, reports suggest that the girl will never give birth to a child”

It has been reported that the goons have damaged the genitals and uterus of the girl. So medical experts speculated that it can be possible that the victim can never give birth to a child. Her body has been scratched by the accused who had come to demolish the temple.

Family accused that police are not helping them and threatening them to do a compromise.

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