“Brahmins will carry human excreta on their heads and I would ensure this”, Dalit Inspector says to Brahmin Sarpanch

Muzzafarpur(Bihar, India): A Dalit police officer has been accused of saying casteist slurs to the Brahmin Sarpanch representative of a village.

In a letter written to the SP, Sarpanch Representative and activist Vinay Mishra blamed that Rajesh Kumar, In-charge of Orai Police Station, has said casteist slurs against the whole Brahmin community and threatened to book him under the SC-ST Act.

The letter states that on 25 June, around 10 am, Vinay Mishra went to the police station to inquire about the illegal detention of a villager made by Inspector Rajesh Kumar.

Vinay Mishra cited that the police inspector asked his full name and on knowing that he comes from the Brahmin community the inspector has started using insulting slangs against the community.

In a conversation with the Neo Politico, Rajesh Mishra clears that the Dalit Inspector was filled with Brahmin hatred. Vinay Mishra said that Rajeev Kumar was overpowering him to believe( in an abusive manner) that Brahmins will carry the excreta of the Dalits on their heads.

“Daroga said that he will beat up the whole community with his shoes. Just like international Sulabh Sauchalay, after 10 years, Brahmins will carry the human excreta on their heads” Vinay Mishra told Neo Politico.

Letter written by Vinay Mishra

Villagers were nabbed for protesting against the illegal business of Alcohol
Two villagers of Chainpur Dharharva village had filed a complaint against Shailendra Chaudhary for selling Alcohol in the village. In repercussion of the complaint, Shailendra has also filed a case against the villagers. Meanwhile, Police Inspector Rajeev Kumar came and arrested the villagers who complained against the illegal business of Alcohol.

While being the Sarpanch representative of the village, Vinay Mishra had gone to the police station to protest against the illegal detention of their villagers.

Inspector is threatening the Sarpanch representative to book under the false case
Vinay Mishra also alleged that the Inspector not only said casteist slurs against the community but also threatened him to book under the false case of the SC-ST Act.

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