After converting Mosques into toilets, China is removing domes from historical Mosques

Beijing: After converting the mosques into public toilets, the Chinese government is removing the domes of the historical mosques of the country. The regime is very likely to give them a Chinese touch. 

As per the reports, the authorities have looped off the domes of the Dongguan Mosque situated in Xining province. 

The local Muslims say that the government wants us to ‘sinify’ our mosques, so they look more like Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. 

China is removing the domes and minarets from thousands of mosques across the country. Authorities say the domes are evidence of foreign religious influence and are taking down overtly Islamic architecture as part of a push to sinicize historically Muslim ethnic groups — to make them more traditionally Chinese.

“Sinicization” under Xi Jinping’s rule

Irrespective of previous rulers, Xi Jinping has taken a strict stand on the Islamic population of the country. Xi Jinping believes that the Uighur Muslims can create a lot of tensions in the future. He is firmly imposing the policy of Sinicization of Islamic texts and monuments. 

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